Hitachi Replacement Part 883-511 Copolymer Piston Bumper (4-Pack)

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  • Contains (4) Genuine Hitachi OEM Piston Bumpers (883-511)
  • Compatibility with Hitachi Nailer Models NR83A2, NR83A3, NR83AA3, NR83A, NV83A2, NV85AG
  • Protects the Cylinder and Piston from Damage
  • 4 pack of Hitachi 883-511 piston bumpers

    For users whose Hitachi NR83A2, NR83A3, NR83AA3, NR83A, NV83A2, NV85AG nailers take a serious beating during the execution of day-to-day tasks, this 4-pack of genuine OEM replacement bumpers is the bundle to get. This invaluable part prevents the piston from hitting the bottom of the cylinder and therefore inflicting damage. So if the existing bumper begins to crack or fall apart, this OEM replacement part will make the nailer work like new again.

    Brand: Hitachi
    Type: Piston Bumper
    Quantity: 4
    For Tools: NR83A2, NR83A3, NR83AA3, NR83A, and NV83A2 (sold separately)
    Packaging: Not in Retail Packaging
    Model: 883-511