Hitachi UC3SFL 3.6V Charger & One EBM315 Battery

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  • Hitachi battery and charger bundle featuring UC3SFL and EBM315
  • Hitachi 3.6 volt lithium ion charger
  • UC3SFL lithium ion battery charger for 3.6 volt batteries
  • Item details for Hitachi UC3SFL lithium ion charger
  • EBM315 3.6 volt battery from Hitachi
  • Compact lithium ion battery model EBM315
  • Post-style lithium ion battery pack EBM315


The Hitachi UC3SFL 3.6-Volt Charger and EBM315 3.6-Volt Battery bundle is an excellent set for professionals who like to be prepared for anything. The EBM315 charger requires 120V 60HZ input power and has the standard 2 prong North American plug. It's capable of charging the EBM315 3.6-Volt Battery in approximately 30 minutes, and features a handy preventative mechanism that stops it from charging hot batteries, thereby extending overall battery life. It also features a 2-way overcharge protection system to protect against unwanted overcharge damage, as well as an indicator light that allows the user to track charge status.

The EBM315 3.6-Volt Battery is rated at 1.5Ah and features Hitachi’s HXP lithium-ion technology. The battery is 50 percent lighter than the average Li-Ion battery on the market, and features a longer overall battery life as well. This tech also contributes to a longer overall run time than related technologies, which saves the user money in the long.

Brand: Hitachi
Type: Charger and Battery
Packaging: Not in Retail Packaging
Model: UC3SFL and EBM315
Battery Charger: UC3SFL
Voltage: 3.6V
Chemistry: Lithium Ion
Battery: EBM315
Amp Hour: 1.5Ah
Chemistry: Lithium Ion
For Tools: DB3DL and DB3DL2 (Not Included)
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Warranty Information

Two Year Warranty

The product categories listed below are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the original purchase date.

  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Benchtop Belt & Disc Sanders
  • Benchtop Metal Dry-Cut Saws
  • Benchtop Drill Presses
  • Benchtop Band Saws
  • Benchtop Planers
  • Benchtop Scroll Saws
  • Table Saws

  • One Year Warranty

    The product categories listed below are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original purchase date.

  • Chargers
  • Air Compressors
  • Concrete Cutters
  • Corded Grinders
  • Corded Hammer Drills
  • Corded Rotary Hammers
  • Cordless Gas Powered Nailers
  • Cordless Grinders
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  • Cordless Rotary Hammers
  • Demolition Hammers
  • Gas Powered Cut-Off Saws
  • Generators
  • Heat Guns
  • NiCd & NiMH Batteries
  • Portable Cut-Off Saws
  • Radios
  • Reserve Air Tank
  • Superdrive

  • Warranty Coverage

    This Hitachi Product is warranted by Hitachi Koki U.S.A., Ltd. against defective materials or workmanship.

    This warranty is void if: defects in materials or workmanship or damages result from repairs or alterations which have been made or attempted by others or the unauthorized use of nonconforming parts; the damage is due to normal wear and tear, the damage is due to abuse (including overloading of the Hitachi Product beyond capacity), failure to operate the unit in the manner specified by the owners manual, improper maintenance, improper set up or altered products, neglect or accident, improper adjustments, operation at engine speeds above Hitachi Koki recommendations, operation of product with incorrect fuel to oil ratio, failures due to contaminated fuel, cutting attachments i.e.: nylon line, blades, etc: or the damage is due to use of the Hitachi Koki Product after partial failure or use with improper accessories.

    ***This warranty does not cover repair or replacement of maintenance items including but not limited to, hoses, spark plugs, starter rope, air and fuel filters, clutch shoes, vibration isolators, throttle cables, lubricants, belts and all cutting attachments, etc. Normal maintenance and adjustments to the magneto, points, carburetor, and spark plugs are not considered the responsibility of Hitachi Koki under this warranty. ***

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