Gift Baskets

We’ve all been there: it’s the first day in a new home or apartment. Of course, there’s exhaustion from having hauled all your possessions into your exciting new home, but nothing can take away from the thrill of getting to fill a new residence with the things that make you feel most at home, adding your personal touch every step of the way. The problem is that on moving day, something important inevitably gets packed into the deepest-stacked box. It can seem like no matter how many cardboard flaps you open, there’s that one crucial item you wish you had.

With our packaged-in-house Gift Baskets from Helton Tool & Home, new homeowners, college students, and anyone else who has just made that exciting move into a new dwelling will easily find all the items they need on moving day, conveniently and attractively packaged in a useful tool caddy or decorative box. Things like water bottles, snacks, batteries, light bulbs, toilet tissue, and other essential items all make our gift baskets the thoughtful choice for closing gifts, housewarming gifts, and so much more. At Helton Tool & Home, we’ve got moving day covered.