Ryobi P117 18V ONE+ Battery Charger and (1) P102 Lithium-Ion Battery

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  • This Battery and Charger Combo are Compatible with Over 100 Ryobi Tools (Sold Separately)
  • Issues a Full Charge in as Little as 30 Minutes
  • Compact Lithium-Ion Battery Improves Performance and Runtime of Tools
    • Ryobi P117 charger with P102 18V lithium ion battery pack
    • Side view Ryobi P117 fast lithium ion battery charger
    • Ryobi P102 18V lithium ion one+ battery pack
    • Side view Ryobi P102 post style lithium ion battery
    • Product details for P117 charger
    • Product details for P102 lithium ion battery

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    The Ryobi P117 ONE+ dual chemistry charger is engineered to issue a full, fast charge to Ryobi 18V batteries of any chemical composition, including NiCd and Li-Ion. Depending on battery capacity, this unit can issue a charge in as little as 30 minutes, allowing users to juice up and get back to work more quickly. The charger boasts a comprehensive LED display to indicate to users when the battery is charged and in energy save mode, when a maintenance charge is being issued, when the battery is charging, when the battery Is defective, when the unit is testing the battery, when the unit power is on, and when the charger is experience a temperature delay. The advanced IntelliPort Technology protects battery cells, maximizes battery life, and conserves energy. Users can expect peak performance from the included P102 ONE+ 18V lithium-ion battery when it is charged using the P117. This 1.3Ah lithium-ion battery increases runtime and enhances performance of the Ryobi tools to which it is applied. (Reminder: There are over 100 compatible tools in the Ryobi ONE+ lineup!) As another measure to improve user productivity, this battery is compact and lightweight, offering balance to handheld tools without contributing overly to user fatigue.

    Brand: Ryobi
    Type: Battery Charger and Battery
    Voltage: 18V
    Packaging: Not In Retail Packaging
    Model: P117, P102
    Battery Charger: P117
    Chemistry: NiCd or Lithium Ion
    Intelliport Technology: Yes
    Charges Batteries: P102 (included), P100, P103, P104, P105, P107, P108 (sold separately)
    Battery: P102
    Amp Hour: 1.3Ah
    Chemistry: Lithium Ion
    Uses Charger: P117 (included), P113, P114, P116, P118 (sold separately)
    Compatible Tools: P1810, P848, P261, P260, P516, P238, P214, P237 (sold separately)
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