TruePower 3-Piece Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer Set with Urethane Coating

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  • Set Includes 12oz Brass Plated Hammer, 16oz Ball Peen Hammer, and 24oz Dead Blow Hammer
  • Hammers Are Coated with Bright Orange Urethane for Non-Sparking Applications
  • Steel Shot Canisters in Handles Provide Dead Blow Effect
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    This 3-hammer set from TruePower provides users with three unique instruments for performing heavy-duty dead blow swings on various materials. The canisters of all three hammers are filled with steel shot to create a genuine dead blow effect, which reduces rebound and absorbs impact shock. All three hammers also boast a bright orange non-sparking chemical-resistant urethane covering that makes them more suited for use in potentially volatile settings. The 12oz hammer features a brass-plated cap that is ideal for use in non-sparking applications. The steel face and peen of the 16oz hammer make it especially suited for striking punches and chisels, as well as straightening and shaping metals that have not been hardened yet. Lastly, the 24oz hammer is fully coated in urethane, which makes it ideal for non-marring, non-sparking applications. Users can take pride in the performance and appearance of this TruePower 3-piece dead blow hammer set.

    Brand: TruePower
    Type: 3-Hammer Set
    Includes: 12oz Brass Plated Hammer, 16oz Ball Peen Hammer, and 24oz Dead Blow Hammer
    Material: Steel
    Urethane Covering: Yes
    Color: Orange
    Packaging: In Retail Packaging
    Model: 02-0275
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