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Water Conditioners

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Do you have hard water? Would you know how to tell if you do? If you experience problems with lime scale deposits on your faucets, sinks, washing machines, toilets, showerheads, or anywhere else—if soap won’t lather up or rinse off, if you experience low water pressure, an inefficient hot water heater, or worn-out towels and clothing—your problems are most likely due to hard water that naturally occurs in your area. At Helton Tool & Home, we’ve got you covered.

ScaleBlaster and The Scale Doctor are two of the maintenance-free, salt-free, eco-friendly water conditioner brands we carry that can save you money and solve your lime scale problem. Installed on the incoming water line, these water conditioning units are safe for use with copper, PVC, CPVC, and PEX pipes, and they are cheaper and easier to use than traditional water softening units that rely on salt and chemicals to improve your water. The units we carry require no hauling of salt, no adding salt to your water supply, and no intake of salt in the water by those in the home who drink it. Instead, these units use sonic technology to combat the scale problem, allowing users to avoid the environmental problems, health problems, and hassle that accompany using salt.

We carry several sizes of both ScaleBlaster and The Scale Doctor alternative water conditioning units to accommodate everything from small and large residential homes to large commercial operations. Designed and manufactured in the U.S. and boasting a predicted 20 year life expectancy, these water conditioning units can protect the health of your pipes, appliances, and all those who consume your water. Treating your hard water with a water-conditioning unit from Helton Tool & Home is simply the better choice for your health, your home, and the environment.

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