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Quick facts about microfiber that will make you understand the obsession

Posted by k_herrmann on Jan 13th 2020

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you know much about eco-friendly cleaning products, you know microfiber is gaining popularity. Switching to microfiber cloths can save you hundreds of dollars on cleaning products every year and keep toxic chemicals out of your home.

Did you know that a microfiber cloth can absorb more than seven times its weight in water? Here are seven other reasons why these super-cloths are worth the investment.

1. Microfiber is a synthetic material often made from nylon and polyester. Neither of these materials are treated with chemicals.

2. High-quality microfiber is 200 times thinner than a human hair! This gives it more abrasive scrubbing power than any other brush or rag.

3. One major advantage to microfiber is that it’s positively charged, meaning it attracts dirt and grease, which is negatively charged. This means you don’t need any chemicals to thoroughly clean any surface.

4. Only water and a microfiber cloth is needed to de-streak a window, mop a floor and dust a room. No extra products are necessary!

5. Microfiber dries quickly, which means it’s less likely to grow bacteria than a cotton cloth. That also means it will dry more quickly in the dryer and save electricity over time.

6. Microfiber can withstand hundreds of machine washes without wearing out, and actually gets more effective with washing. Studies show the cloth tends to be most effective after 75 washes.

7. Microfiber is inexpensive, ranging from $1 on the low end to $5 on the high end. Higher-end products are more effective, but less expensive products can also do a great job.

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