3 Easy Autumn DIY Craft Ideas for Your Porch, Front Door, and Table

3 Easy Autumn DIY Craft Ideas for Your Porch, Front Door, and Table

The pumpkin spice lattes are flowing, the weather is cooling, and the leaves are beginning to change. We don’t need to tell you that autumn is here. What we do need to tell you is there’s plenty of time this month to create not one, not two, but THREE awesomely autumnal (and seriously simple) DIY craft projects that will look on point all the way through Thanksgiving. We’ve scoured the web to bring you one perfect project for your entryway, one for your front door, and one for the center of your table. (Or put all three of them wherever you want!) Let us know which ones you’re going to try!

For the Porch

Harvest Sign

For the front porch or entryway display, there’s nothing more seasonal and rustic than a barnwood sign. We love this idea from Jennifer Allwood, in which she has painted the word “HARVEST” on a weathered-looking piece of reclaimed wood. To see how she did it and create your own barnwood sign,  check out the full tutorial here. Some other words we think would look great on a barnwood sign this time of year are AUTUMN, BLESSED, GATHER, GRATEFUL, THANKS, or WELCOME. You could even make two or more signs for a truly bounteous effect. Add some pumpkins, mums, and orange lights to your display, and your guests may be so enchanted that they forget to ring the doorbell.

For the Door

This wreath looks great against a dark door

But fear not—they’ll remember to ring when they see your eye-catching wreath! This mini corn cob wreath is an elegant yet simple project that will make a big impact when displayed on your front door. The most challenging aspect of this DIY wreath project may be finding a local nursery or grocer that carries mini Indian corn. After that, it’s simply a matter of aligning the cobs and hot gluing them to a straw wreath form.  Check out the full tutorial from the StoneGable blog.

For the Table

Use many different colors and varieties of succulents for an arresting display

The mini pumpkin succulents make great gifts

Once inside, guests will be wowed by this awesomely autumnal display on your dining room table. Sticking with the theme of using natural items (dried corn, reclaimed wood), we found these instructions for a charming yet simple pumpkin succulent centerpiece. As much as we love the  mumkins we’ve seen floating around Pinterest, these mini pumpkin succulents by Simply Happenstance are irresistibly cute! Consider making enough to give as gifts this time of year. It is a gift that keeps giving, as succulent cuttings can be easily propagated to grow new plants.  Find the full tutorial here and read to the end of the article for tips on how to propagate and plant your succulent clippings when the season ends.

We hope you have found inspiration in these three awesomely autumn DIY décor ideas. Please share this post with all the DIYers and autumn-lovers you know, and share your thoughts, recommendations, and ideas with us on  Facebook. Happy crafting!

Sep 27th 2017 Leiah Jetter

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