Customize Your Office Supplies with Printable Business Cards and More

Customize Your Office Supplies with Printable Business Cards and More

Sure, we all know how redundant it can get clocking in, completing tasks, attending meetings, and heading home when the clock strikes 5. With our unique selection of office supplies—ranging from sheet protectors to business cards—our customers can add a little pizzazz to the workspace! The monotony of office life doesn’t have to set in when you use customizable office supplies and products from Helton Tool & Home. Read on to find out how our paper supplies can help brighten the office in unique ways. 

Geographics 1,000 ct Business Cards

We’ll start where any good business transaction begins: with the business cards. Our Geographics brand business cards come to our customers as a blank canvas. This canvas is ready to decorate with the fonts, decals, spacing, and sizing that suits the business best. These business cards come on a perforated 8.5” by 11” heavyweight paper stock that is compatible with Inkjet and laser desktop printers. Any number of programs available online and many word processing software can provide templates. Once the masterpiece is printed on the Geographics page, it is easy to bend and tear the cards to the standard 2” by 3.5” business card size. These versatile, 100% customizable business cards also work great as table placements, organizational labels, flash cards, and much, much more. 

Royal Brites 100 Count Blank Greeting CardsGeographics 25 Count Blank Greeting Cards

Featuring as many customization options as with our business cards, it’s no surprise that the sky is the limit with our greeting cards from Royal Brites. Each package contains 100 completely customizable cards with 100 plain white envelopes. Like the business cards, these start as 8.5” by 11” sheets of 65 lb paper weight card stock. This durable paper is compatible with desktop printers, resulting in crisp, clear designs and lettering. Scored to facilitate easier folding, the final cards measure 8.5” by 5.5”. This provides enough canvas to display creative invites, celebrations, condolences, well-wishes, announcements, and so much more. For customers who don't need quite as many greeting cards at once, we also carry Geographics 25-count blank greeting cards, which also come with 25 plain white envelopes. 

Avery 250ct Premium Heavyweight Sheet Protectors

When you’ve completed a project—a real masterpiece—it’s important to preserve it in an easy, reliable, professional-looking way. Enter our Avery sheet protectors. Constructed from durable non-stick plastic, these sheet protectors have an easy-load top that facilitates a simple slide-in loading process. That means there are no bent or crumpled corners. Our customers can expect their project and presentations to look excellent for years to come. These sheet protectors are acid-free and archival-safe. Decades from now, there’ll be no brittle edges or yellowing corners found in these crystal clear paper protectors! Even the binding edge, featuring the standard 3-hole punch, is clear and professional-looking.

Simply put, the ins and outs of office life aren’t so boring or ordinary when there are literally millions of opportunities for customization. Load a few sheets of our business cards or greeting cards into the desktop printer, and let creativity take over. When the project is done, preserve it in Avery sheet protectors, and show it to everyone!
Apr 26th 2018 Leiah Jetter

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