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Gas vs. electric lawn and garden tools

Posted by k_herrmann on Mar 4th 2020

Gas vs. electric lawn and garden tools

47851917_MIt’s frustrating to be that neighbor who spends 30 minutes trying to get his gas string trimmer to start only to trim a section of lawn for five minutes. It’s equally annoying to mow three-quarters of your lawn, then run out of battery on your electric mower and have to wait for it to charge before you can finish.

Both of these situations are byproducts of the challenge of choosing between gas and electric yard work equipment. While the type of engine you choose is a personal decision and opinions vary widely about the topic, here are a few key comparisons that may help you decide what’s best for your yard and your sanity.

First, note that small gas engines can be loud, and they create more pollution than their electric counterparts. Consider the expense of buying gas and remembering to bring your gas can to the station when it’s running low. Even with these possible drawbacks, there’s no question that gas engines are powerful. If you’ve used a gas chainsaw and an electric chainsaw to attempt to cut through a massive tree stump, you know that gas is king.

On the other hand, electric engines are nice because they’re much simpler to start. Once their batteries are charged, you plug them in and they start up quickly and efficiently. Systems like Ryobi make electric yard tools even simpler because each tool uses the same battery, so you don’t have to worry about a confusing mess of chargers and batteries in your garage. It’s true that electric yard tools tend to have less power than their gas counterparts, but that may not matter to you if you’re caring for a small plot of land. If you have just a quarter-acre of land to mow, it may be in your best interest to get an electric mower because it will provide more than enough power and you won’t need to fuss over buying gas and maintaining the engine.

In short, gas-powered tools tend to be best for large yard maintenance that requires more power, and an electric tool for yards less intensive to maintain. Gas-powered mowers and chainsaws are popular because these tools are typically used for longer periods of time and need more power, while electric tools make more practical sense for homeowners who want leaf blowers, string trimmers and other small-job tools.

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