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New Year’s resolutions for your energy bills

Posted by k_herrmann on Jan 13th 2020

New Year’s resolutions for your energy bills

After spending (perhaps too much) money over the holidays, January is a great time to start fresh. One smart way to start saving money is by forming smarter energy use habits. Heating and lighting costs can escalate during the winter, so it’s crucial to save where you can. Little changes in your habits can make a huge difference in how much you’re spending on utilities every month. Oh, and of course it’s good for the environment!

Cover your windows. Did you know the average home loses 30 percent of its heating through windows and doors? Invest in thermal-insulated blackout curtains to keep air from escaping, and keep them closed during the coldest parts of the day and night. Replace single-pane windows if possible, but at least cover them in plastic or put up storm windows if cost is a challenge.

Watch your thermostat. It’s smart to turn down your thermostat while you’re sleeping or out of the house, but it’s not always easy to remember. Smart thermostats are a great choice because you can program them to turn down the thermostat for you. That’s money in your pocket and one less thing to remember while you’re running out the door.

Unplug everything after you’ve used it. Each appliance you leave constantly plugged in is eating up just a little bit of energy around the clock, so simply unplug everything after use. It may be weird at first, but it’ll become a habit once you start doing it. That includes phone chargers, computers, toasters and anything else that plugs into the wall.

Cut down drying time. Clothes dryers consume a lot of energy. If it’s nice outside, consider line drying, or try using an indoor drying rack. Line drying can save an average of $200/year. If you want to stick with your electric dryer, consider purchasing wool dryer balls. They can cut down drying time by as much as 25 percent, thus reducing your total appliance use.

We wish you a Happy New Year full of good times, fun projects and happiness in your home!

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