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Things to know before using Corningware Dishes in the Oven

Sep 21st 2023

Things to know before using Corningware Dishes in the Oven

Cooking and baking in the oven is a convenient and easy way to prepare meals. Not all cookware can resist the high temperatures of the oven. CorningWare, a popular brand of cooking sets stands by this. This is why many people need clarification when it comes to oven use.

The double-handled, waterless cookware has been in the market since the late 1950s and is still popular because of its versatility and durability. If you want an answer to “Can CorningWare casserole dishes go in the oven?” you will find that further as you read on.

Can CorningWare be used in the oven?

The latest models are designed to be used in an oven without a second thought. Its compatibility with all kinds of convection, conventional, and microwave ovens makes it a reliable brand for buyers. They are super easy to use as you can put them in the dishwasher and use them for frozen foods. It means you can also place your cookware in the refrigerator.

Benefits of Using CorningWare
  • The dishes can be used for oven baking, roasting, and broiling.
  • It’s durable and perfect for home cooks and professionals alike.
  • It can be put in the fridge and range, making it ideal for leftovers.
  • It’s easy to clean the CorningWare products as they are dishwasher safe.
Can you bake in white CorningWare?

If you love your white CorningWare set and want to bake a cake, you can surely do that, but it might not look nice. When you use stoneware for baking at high temperatures, crazing can occur. It means that your glaze will form small fissures or have cracks.

If that’s not an aesthetic concern, go ahead and bake away! However, if it cracks during its first use, opt for glass alternatives like Pyrex when baking.

Corningware oven-safe temperature

The brand is committed to non-toxic cookware and is constantly testing its products. The lids are also BPA-free and have silicone seals, making them a more eco-friendly option.

Only certain types of Corningware should be used in the oven. For example, the glass pieces can be used on the stovetop, in the microwave or in an oven. The same goes for all of the Corningware casserole dishes.

According to Corning Ware, the maximum temperature of a dish is 500 degrees. It means that glass, oven-safe ceramics, and other brittle materials can resist high temperatures and not shatter until they reach extreme heat.

Safety Tips

   ●  Do not put empty Corningware cookware in the microwave oven.

   ●  Do not place a hot glass cover on a wet surface.

   ●  Do not use cracked, broken, or chipped Corningware items and glass covers.

   ●  Do not use the dishes for popping corn, making candy or caramelizing sugar.

Heat Tolerance of CorningWare

Corningware is an excellent ceramic material that withstands temperatures higher than any regular bakeware. Most bakeware maxes out at about 400 F, while Corningware could easily resist 500 degrees. Know that most recipes do not require temperatures hotter than 450 degrees.

One significant concern with heating the dishware to the maximum is the risk of thermal shock. The sudden temperature shift could cause cracks in them. Be cautious when transferring a dish from the refrigerator to the hot oven. Note: never place frozen Corningware in the oven.

Maintenance Tips

Here are a few CorningWare maintenance tips that will help maintain the quality of your dishes:

   ●  Do not use metal utensils on your dishes. They scratch the ceramic surface.

   ●  Avoid sudden temperature changes, especially with the glass lid to reduce the chances of thermal shock.

   ●  Never use a damaged Corning ware dish, the broken pieces may contaminate the food.

   ●  When washing your cookware, use non-abrasive cleaners and clothes

   ●  Never put a hot bakeware dish directly onto a glass stove. Use a towel/oven mitt as a buffer to avoid cracking.

The Bottom Line

The CorningWare cooking sets can be used in any oven and other kitchen appliances. By following the user manual and properly caring for your CorningWare casserole dishes, you can enjoy delicious meals for years.

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