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Metabo HPT BCL1015S 12V 1.3Ah Lithium-ion Pod-Style Battery Pack

Metabo HPT | Hitachi

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  • Compact, Lightweight Battery Improves Tool Balance without Causing User Fatigue
  • Provides Fade-Free Performance Throughout a Charge
  • Boasts 1.3Ah of Runtime Allowing the User to Spend More Time on Their Project
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    Product Overview

    This Metabo HPT BCL1015S 10.8/12V lithium-ion battery offers a lightweight option, making it ideal for contractors or construction workers as it won’t add fatigue while spending long hours on a task. The pod-style battery can be charged quickly by Metabo HPT charger models such as UC10SFL, UC10SFLP and UC10SL2 (sold separately). Users can rely on this battery to power up Metabo HPT tool models DB10DL, DS10DFL, UB10DL, WH10DL and WH10DFL2 (sold separately). This battery boasts 1.3Ah of runtime allowing the user to spend more time on their project.

    Hitachi Power Tools is rebranding to Metabo HPT. Though the name is changing, customers can still expect the same great quality power tools, tool parts, and accessories they always received from Hitachi. During the transition, branding may vary from product to product.

    Brand: Metabo HPT/Hitachi
    Type: Battery
    Voltage: 12V
    Amp Hour: 1.3Ah
    Uses Battery Charger: UC10SFL, UC10SFLP and UC10SL2 (Sold Separately)
    Packaging: Not in Retail Packaging
    Model: BCL1015S


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review

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