Metabo HPT/Hitachi 6696160 3x5x350mm Fuel Pipe Genuine Replacement Tool Part

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The Metabo HPT/Hitachi 6696160 3 x 5 x 350mm Fuel Pipe Genuine Replacement Tool Part is Compatible with Models AST-210, AST-5000, AST-7000, AST-7000S, QEG-250, QEG-300, TBC-160, TBC-162, TBC-200, TBC-202, TBC-205, TBC-210, TBC-2100, TBC-2110, TBC-215, TBC-220, TBC-2211, TBC-225, TBC-2251, TBC-225C, TBC-225CS, TBC-225S, TBC-230, TBC-230B, TBC-230SF, TBC-232, TBC-240, TBC-2400, TBC-240PF, TBC-240PFCS, TBC-245PF, TBC-2500, TBC-2501, TBC-250PF, TBC-250PFD, TBC-255PF, TBC-260PF, TBC-260PFL, TBC-262, TBC-265, TBC-265SS, TBC-280, TBC-280PF, TBC-322, TBC-325, TBC-340, TBC-340D, TBC-340PF, TBC-340PFD, TBC-373, TBC-400PF, TBC-420PF, TBC-425, TBC-430PF, TEA-500, TED-232, TED-262, TED-262DH, TED-262HS, TED-262R, TED-270PFR, THB-2500, THB-2510, THB-260PF, THT-162, THT-200, THT-2000, THT-212, THT-230, THT-232, THT-262, TIA-302, TIA-305, TIA-350PFS, TIA-350S, TPE-2110, TPE-2501, TPE-250PF, TPE-260PF, TPH-2501, TPH-250PF, TPH-260PF, TPS-2501, TPS-250PN, TPS-260PF, TS-720, TANAKA TPE-2110, TPE-2501, TPE-250PF Portable Edger and TANAKA QEG-250, QEG-300 Portable Generator (Sold Separately).

Authorized Metabo HPT/Hitachi Distributor

  • Genuine Metabo HPT/Hitachi OEM Replacement Part
  • Metabo HPT/Hitachi Parts are Covered Under the Full Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Please Reference Tool Diagram to Ensure Part Compatibility Before Ordering
  • Origin of Manufacture and Packaging May Vary


Hitachi Power Tools is rebranding to Metabo HPT. Though the name is changing, customers can still expect the same great quality power tools, tool parts, and accessories they always received from Hitachi. During the transition, branding may vary from product to product.

Same Tools. New Name. Hitachi Power Tools Has Renamed To Metabo HPT


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