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Senco LB0012 Seal O-Ring Genuine OEM Replacement Tool Part for Models SFN30 and SFN2 (2-Pack)


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Product Overview

Replace the worn or broken Seal O-Ring in the Senco Nailer and/or Stapler with these new Senco LB0012 Seal O-Ring tool replacement parts. These Senco LB0012 Seal O-Ring tool parts are compatible with Senco models; AST-4, SCN60XP, SCN65XP, SFN2, SFN30, SFN40, SJ10, SJS, SKSXP, SLP20XP, SLS20XP, SLS20, SLS25XP, SN2, SN4, SN60, SN60MC, SN65, SN65C, SN70XP, SN325+, SNS45XP, SNS50XP, SPS StaplerSQS55XP, SFN1, SFN1+, SKS, LS1XP, SCN60, SCN60XPFRH (520101N), SCN60XPFRH (520102N), SCN63LDXP (8W0001N), SCN65XPFRH (540101N), SCN65XPFRH (540103N), SCN65XPFRH (540104N), SFN2C (180004N), SFN2C (190006N), SFN3015Ga (620002N), SKS18 (300052N), SKS18 (300084N), SLP20 (430001), SLP20XP18Ga (430101N), SN325 (420002), SN325 (420005), SN61 (450002N), SN62 (450003N), SN63 (450004N), SN66 (530002N), SN67 (530003N), SN68 (530004N), SN70 (170301N), SN70 (170302N), SN70 (170311N), SN70 (170312N), SNS45 (580004N), SNS45 (580101N), SNS45 (580102N), SNS45 (580103N), SNS45 (582001N), SNS45 (582002N), SNS45 (582003N), SNS45 (582004N), SNS45XP16Ga (580101N), SNS45XP16Ga (580102N), SNS45XP16Ga (580103N), SNS50, SNS50XP16Ga (750101N), SQS55, and SQS55XP15Ga (660101N) (sold separately). Please reference the tool manual before purchasing to ensure the proper fit and care of these tool parts. These are genuine Senco power tool replacement parts.

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  • Genuine Senco OEM Replacement Part
  • Senco Parts are Covered Under the Full Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Please Reference Tool Diagram to Ensure Part Compatibility Before Ordering
  • Origin of Manufacture and Packaging May Vary


Warranty Information

Full Manufacturer's Warranty


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