Waxie Green 16 Oz Professional Strength Sparkle Glass Cleaner

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  • Removes Smudges, Film, Bug Residue, and Streaks from Glass
  • Contains Less than 0.02% Ammonia for No Odor
  • Foaming Action for Increased Surface Contact Time
  • Waxie Green 16 Oz Professional Strength Sparkle Glass Cleaner

    The Waxie Green 16oz professional strength Sparkle glass cleaner is the ideal product for cleaning smudges, film, bug residue, and streaks from glass and other such reflective, non-porous surfaces. This glass cleaner produces foam that clings on the vertical surface, increasing the contact time for a better clean. This solution contains less than 0.02% ammonia in its chemical formulation for no odor and the lowest possible volatile organic compound for the foaming aerosol category. Waxie Green aerosols are water-based, nonflammable, and environmentally-friendly. This product is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

    Brand: Waxie Green
    Type: Sparkle Glass Cleaner
    Quantity: 16oz
    Indoor / Outdoor: Yes
    Nonflammable: Yes
    Ammonia Content: Less than 0.02%
    Water Based: Yes
    Packaging: In Retail Packaging
    Model: 950152