Chicago Cutlery Woodworks 12" x 8"x 3/4" Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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  • Attractive 2-toned Design Makes Board Ideal for Serving Cheese, Canapés and More
  • Reversible for Use with Meat on One Side and Veggies and Fruits on Other
  • Juice Groove for Preventing the Juice Flow on Kitchen Slab
    • Chicago Cutlery Woodworks 12” × 8” × 3/4” Bamboo Cutting Board
    • Chicago Cutlery Woodworks Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove
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    Users are able to slice and dice veggies, cut up meats, chop nuts and spices, and do so much more in preparation of their favorite meals using this Chicago Cutlery cutting board. Best of all, this beautiful bamboo cutting board prevents messes and does not dull or blunt knives. Made of high-quality bamboo, this cutting board is the perfect blend of attractiveness and durability with dimensions of 12” × 8” × 3/4”. The cutting board is reversible and can be used for cutting meats on one side and fruits and vegetables on the other side to help reduce risk of cross-contamination of food. The juice groove carved on the cutting board prevents the juices of cut foods from flowing over onto the kitchen counter. Users can also employ the presentable 2-toned design of this cutting board for serving cheese, canapés, and more.

    Brand: Chicago Cutlery
    Type: Bamboo Cutting Board
    Dimensions: 12” x 8” x 3/4”
    Material: Bamboo
    Color: Tan
    Packaging: In Retail Packaging
    Model: 1074564
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