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Metabo HPT UC10SFL 12V Li-Ion Battery Charger w/ (2) Metabo HPT/Hitachi BCL1015S 12V Li-ion Batteries

Metabo HPT | Hitachi

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  • Includes (1) UC10FSL Li-Ion Battery Charger and (2) BCL1015S 10.8V - 12V Batteries
  • UC10SFL Charger is Capable of Charging a Battery in 25 Minutes
  • BCL1015S Battery is 100% Lighter than most NiCd Batteries
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    Product Overview

    Power your Metabo HPT cordless tools with a UC10SFL 10.8V - 12V battery charger and (2) BCL1015S li-ion battery combo. The included UC10SFL charger is blazing fast, capable of fully charging a battery in as little as 25 minutes. This saves you money by minimizing downtime. It charges a range of voltages from 10.8V to 12V, and features an LED light that allows you to track the charging status of connected batteries. The included BCL1015S batteries are 100% lighter than most NiCd batteries, which adds minimal weight when connected to a tool. This reduces overall fatigue, which makes it a good choice for those that need a battery to use all day long. It also features an industry-leading runtime that reduces the amount of time you have to spend waiting for it to charge, and weighs only 0.9 lbs.

    The battery charger included in this kit requires 120V 60hz voltage and has the 2-prong North American plug.

    Hitachi Power Tools has rebranded to Metabo HPT. Though the name is changing, customers can still expect the same great quality power tools, tool parts, and accessories they always received from Hitachi. During the transition, branding may vary from product to product.


    Brand: Metabo HPT
    Type: Battery and Charger Combo
    Voltage: 10.8 - 12-Volt
    Chemistry: Li-Ion
    Charger: UC10SFL
    Battery: BCL1015S
    Model: UC10SFL and BCL1015S


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review

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